Critical infrastructure – like the power grid, water, banks or financial markets – are severely threatened by strategic and criminal cyberattacks, including the increasing trend in ransomware. Preventive passive cybersecurity does not protect them, nor does it pose a deterrence for the attacker. How can we together increase risks and costs for attackers to put an end to this?

The 21st century digital landscape is full of both incredible opportunity and perilous threat. 

The tools and technologies that make our lives connected and information-rich are the same ones that criminals exploit to disconnect and impoverish us. When this dynamic is played out at the level of Critical National Infrastructure – the systems, networks and facilities that are essential for the smooth running of any country – then the stakes get very high, very fast.

Ransomware attacks such as the ones against Colonial Pipeline and more recently the Kaseya cyber breach show how digital thieves, sometimes with state protection, can have rapid and devastating consequences for millions of people. Such is the nature of our interconnected global economy that no country and no Critical National Infrastructure provider can feel immune to these threats in 2021. Our networks are under attack, our supply chains are vulnerable and our ability to fight back appears limited.

Essential critical infrastructure areas

cisa – the cybersecurity & infrastructure security agency in the United States has identified those 17 categories of “critical infrastructure sectors”:

– Chemical  Commercial
– Facilities  Communications
– Critical Manufacturing
– Dams
– Defense Industrial
– Base  Emergency Services
– Energy  Financial Services
– Food and Agriculture
– Government Facilities
– Healthcare and Public Health
– Information Technology
– Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste
– Transportation Systems
– Water and Wastewater Systems

At Monarch we are specialist problem solvers who will use state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled practitioners in the fields of global cyber risk, incident response, ransomware negotiations, crypto-currency tracking, and asset retrieval. We can help you prevent being attacked, we can support you if you are attacked, and if required we can fight back on your behalf.

A critical national infrastructure provider needs to be like a world-class boxer: resilient enough to absorb the hard punches, yet strong enough to strike back harder. Monarch will give you that resilience and supply you with that strength. When it comes to defending what is Critical, we give you the edge.

Let us tell you how we can help.

In an age of hidden attacks and mass digital subversion, only the best intelligence capabilities will enable you to stay in control and take the initiative.
YOUR PROBLEM IS OUR MISSION: MONARCH is the trusted partner for intelligence operations in turbulent times.