The systems from which we derive benefit and value for our businesses have become attractive targets to cyber criminals for the same reason. Halting legitimate businesses in their tracks and holding them to ransom has become significant business for criminals – and an even more significant challenge for business owners. How can we redress the balance to enable businesses to operate with greater confidence?

Ransomware attacks such as the ones against Colonial Pipeline and more recently the Kaseya cyber breach show how digital thieves, sometimes with state protection, can have rapid and devastating consequences for the targeted businesses – and for their millions of customers. As well as enormous business losses there can be substantial societal harm when companies and their systems fall prey to ransomware.


With our systems under attack and our businesses exposed to loss, our ability to fight back appears limited. This is where Monarch can help.

At Monarch we are specialist problem solvers who will connect you to state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled practitioners in incident response, ransomware negotiations, crypto-currency tracking, and asset retrieval.

Our approach is in three parts:

  • Prepare. For ransomware, the best form of defence is what you do in advance, from implementing the correct backup regime through to testing & exercising your preparations and your ability to respond.

  • Respond. Sometimes, an organisation’s preparations will not be enough and a ransomware attack will get through. In these circumstances, we can help you detect when an attack may be happening, and then take corrective actions to restore your data- In the unlikely event that the victim wishes to pay the ransom, we can negotiate with the attacker and reduce the payment being demanded. 

  • Retrieve. Depending on the type of attack and its impact, our clients sometimes need us to go further. This can include attributing an attack through to retrieving a company’s assets. To achieve these outcomes we deploy a range of active countermeasures.

When it comes to defending against ransomware, from protecting your systems against attacks through to the deploying active countermeasures, Monarch is your trusted partner.

Let us tell you how we can help.

In an age of hidden attacks and mass digital subversion, only the best intelligence capabilities will enable you to stay in control and take the initiative.
YOUR PROBLEM IS OUR MISSION: MONARCH is the trusted partner for intelligence operations in turbulent times.