Intelligence and Security services around the globe are faced with an existential threat to their very existence. They must either adapt to the world of rapidly changing digital technologies or fail.   

We need our intelligence and security agencies to work effectively and at pace as they provide essential protection for our democratic systems and individual freedoms. To retain public trust, they must,

  • – hire skilled and trusted staff
  • – operate in accordance with international law and democratic values
  • – and use modern technology to protect our freedoms, not undermine them.

Those challenges for the intelligence and security community lie at the intersection of people, process, and technology. Many of our intelligence and security institutions are struggling to navigate that intersection.

The same digital transformation challenge that is impacting on the world of intelligence and security is visible in the commercial sector. The commercial world is suffering from a lack of skills to handle cyber security challenges and a lack of pace in adopting new digital technologies. To survive and thrive modern companies must,

  • – Address the cyber skills deficit in the marketplace
  • – Constantly adapt and respond to a rapidly evolving cyber threat environment
  • – Select and adopt the latest and best digital tools

These commercial challenges also sit at the complex intersection of people, process and technology. Mastering one element is not sufficient, you must master all three to succeed.

There is more information available today than at any time in the history of mankind. Big Data is no longer the preserve of governments and intelligence agencies. The answer to most security questions is out there waiting to be collected, curated, and analysed by those who know how.


Government procurement is notoriously slow and bureaucratic. Governments get stuck with  “legacy” systems and cannot move fast enough to keep pace with emerging new digital technologies. Worse, professional skills of key staff atrophy and cannot keep pace.


Digital technology is driving rapid business change in the commercial world, whilst offering huge commercial rewards.  Yet cyber security threats flash red on Board Risk Registers and very little is done to mitigate those risks. The scourge of Ransomware has demonstrated just how vulnerable our commercial sectors are to criminals and state actors seeking to do us harm.

Our Value Proposition: Trustworthy and effective private intelligence and security operations. Combining the very best people, process and technology.

Monarch is a world-class German-British private intelligence and security capability provider. We carry out government and commercial operations at pace. We work internationally, and we go where others cannot operate. We guarantee cutting edge solutions, legal compliance, and confidentiality, to our clients. We operate ethically, in accordance with international law, and in support of democracies.

We operate at the intersection of people, process, and technology

  • People: We deploy teams of experts with decades of intelligence and security experience. We only deploy our A Team as in this environment there is no room for error and therefore no operating space for a B Team.
  • – Process: Our team is constructed of seasoned front-line operators. We provide the mission planners, the logistics support, the data analysts, security specialists, and the essential legal and compliance advice required to deliver best-of-breed operational outcomes.
  • – Technology: We operate a tech agnostic network approach to tool selection. If we don’t have the tools you need in our supply chain, then our Horizon Scanning team will track them down.

What can we do for you?


– If you are a government, then we can advise how to navigate the global marketplace of next generation digital capabilities. We can offer high class consulting services, capacity building, and specialist cyber skills training. We can deploy skilled teams alongside yours to support Mission delivery.

– If you are a corporation, then we can help you understand the current threat environment and mitigate the risks to your business. We can audit your existing IT systems and strengthen your cyber defences. We can provide an intelligence over-watch for you to support commercial operations in high-threat environments. And we can help you make the right decisions about how you secure your IP and your future technology investments.

High Class Consulting.  We act as a critical friend while you engage third parties to solve your problems. This includes privileged insight into relevant technology and international programmes and approaches.

State of the Art Services. Tailored to each client’s individual and dynamic security requirement we can provide specialist staff to deliver specific capabilities, or to train and upskill your existing personnel. 

Best of Breed Tools.  We rely on state of the art security and intelligence technologies and services. We find them, test them and integrate them to provide customer specific solutions.

Full lifecycle support. Our Horizon Scanning ensures a future-proof approach. We maintain vigilance so that security mitigations remain state of the art even as projects and technologies age out.

We take your intelligence and security problems and make them our Mission.

Let us tell you how we can help.

In an age of hidden attacks and mass digital subversion, only the best intelligence capabilities will enable you to stay in control and take the initiative.
YOUR PROBLEM IS OUR MISSION: MONARCH is the trusted partner for intelligence operations in turbulent times.