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"The bad guys are continuing to invest as much as the good guys. And we got to stay out ahead of it. We got to remain vigilant.”
Alfred Kelly, CEO Visa
Alfred Kelly
CEO Visa
“Corruption is criminal, immoral and the ultimate betrayal of public trust. We must work together to stop such thievery and exploitation by clamping down on illicit financial flows and tax havens; tackling the vested interests that benefit from secrecy and corruption; and exercising utmost vigilance over how resources are spent nationally.”
António Guterres
António Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations
"Sunlight is the best disinfectant."
Louis Brandeis
Louis Brandeis
Associate Justice at the Supreme Court - † 5. October 1941 in Washington, D.C
“What happens in cyber is the permanent struggle between attack and defense”.
“Strategic autonomy and technology as well as security-political autonomy are very closely connected”
“The urgent finds you; you have to find the important. Importance is not fast. It is slow. It is not superficial. It is deep. And as a result, it's extremely powerful. When important matters go wrong, they undermine everything. When they go right, they sustain everything.”
Stewart Brand
Stewart Brand is a Californian activist, author and entrepreneur. He was an essential mediator between the hippie scene of San Francisco and the hacker and cyber culture of Silicon Valley.
“Security is a process, not a product.”
Bruce Schneier
Bruce Schneier
Bruce Schneier is an American cryptographer, computer security professional, privacy specialist, and writer.
“If information ends up in the wrong hands, the lives of people very often are immediately at risk.”
Gijs de Vries
Gijs de Vries
Gijs de Vries is a retired Dutch politician. He was deputy Interior Minister between 1998 and 2002, and was the European Union's anti-terrorism co-ordinator from 25 March 2004 to March 2007

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