The development and prevalence of digital technology is transforming society in multiple, complicated ways that have an impact on democracy. It is changing political discourse in ways that some see as positive and others see as negative. It is influencing the way that people participate in the democratic process – in particular the way that enemies of democracy organize and mobilize. It transforms society in more indirect ways that have an impact on democracy. How should states, citizens, voters and stakeholders deal with these changes and threats?


As nation states seek to uphold and strengthen their democratic processes, their adoption of new voting technologies – designed to uphold the democratic principles of free and fair elections, and anonymity and security for voters – is increasing. These technologies are often deployed to reduce the likelihood of vote rigging and other forms of election fraud, and to increase inclusion for those previously unable to vote. But by embracing new solutions, other risks emerge.


In the turbulent world that is the 21st century, democracies face profound challenges on every front. The physical threats and disruptions that have blighted the landscape of democracies for generations are now augmented by aggressors in the digital domain. The adoption of new voting technologies – designed to uphold the democratic principles of free and fair elections, and anonymity and security for voters – themselves become a new target for those who wish to subvert the process for their own ends. Connected, online systems can become accessible to more than just their legitimate users. At the same time, so-called disinformation campaigns are developed and deployed. These sow the seeds of doubt and confusion in the electorate and have the capacity to adversely influence the electoral processes or those involved in administering them. The result is detrimental to the democratic process and at worst has the potential to change an election outcome. We cannot stand idly by.

Monarch Insights – Protecting Democracy

MONARCH is strongly committed to protecting and improving democratic systems. Unfortunately, democracy cannot be taken for granted. Democracy is not a spectator game, and is under pressure. This talk looks at some theoretical background on the subject and briefly discusses main developments of the last decades.
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MONARCH was deeply involved in supporting Iraq’s 2021 Parliamentary Elections. In 2018, Iraq had a botched election that led to riots and ended with more than 800 people dead in the streets. In 2021 the Iraq Government wanted to do better, and the street pressure was on. MONARCH supported successfully. This is a live example of protecting democracies.
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Election Watch for the Digital Age by the Freedom House is a new research initiative investigating the interplay between digital platforms and election integrity — and confirming that the internet can be used to disrupt democracies as surely as it can destabilize dictatorships.


At Monarch we bring our capabilities to bear to build resilience and trust across the whole election process. While our security specialists test the voting systems and the processes surrounding them, our intelligence experts provide overwatch reporting to provide alerts and early warnings of possible disinformation campaigns. This facility is then reinforced by our ability to conduct active information operations to counter these campaigns.

As well as defending elections in the digital domain, we also provide intelligence insights into possible terrorist attacks against election infrastructure. Our ability to access and analyse all-source information – HUMINT and Geospatial, as well as all parts of the surface, deep and dark web – provides early insight into potential attack planning and enables timely intervention by law enforcement and security partners.

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In an age of hidden attacks and mass digital subversion, only the best intelligence capabilities will enable you to stay in control and take the initiative.
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